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Future development direction of cable tray enterprises

May 6, 2023

Latest company news about Future development direction of cable tray enterprises

At present, the international cable tray manufacturing industry accelerates the pace of adjustment. Localization of manufacturing, globalization of quality, comprehensive service, and intellectual property are the four major trends of the development of internationally advanced cable tray manufacturing enterprises. These four trends are not only the direction of future development for domestic cable tray manufacturing enterprises, but also will bring great changes to themselves.


The cable tray adopts new technology and new process, optimizes the plate configuration, and reduces the weight of the bridge itself. The concave convex reinforcing edge and the bottom ring stiffener enhance the load capacity of the bridge, further improving the firmness and safety of the product.


There are no metal edges or corners of traditional cable trays at the corners, so the cables will not be worn by the edges or squeezed for a long time during installation, greatly facilitating the installation of cables and providing considerable protection. Today in Chinese Mainland, there are tens of thousands of cable tray manufacturing enterprises, and more than one thousand enterprises are engaged in cable tray manufacturing. However, most of the manufacturers are stuck in the old mode of cutting, folding and punching. One product is produced in three or four different equipment sections, which is inefficient. Needless to say, the length limit and manufacturing precision of cable tray have become the bottleneck restricting the development of cable tray manufacturing enterprises in mainland China.


Is there a production mode with infinite length, precision, and high efficiency? The answer is yes, and only cold bending can be completed. The advantage of cold bending forming process is that it can produce a wide variety of cross-sectional profiles, with high productivity, scientific forming process, and corresponding automation of control.

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